Anna Wales
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Handmade in London

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Stylish, contemporary jewellery, exquisitely delicate yet striking and strong.

Working from my London studio, I create sophisticated, striking jewellery that comes to life when worn.

Crafting countless delicate shapes in silver and gold, I bring them together to form flowing, feminine pieces that sit sensually against your skin. 

Each piece is a little labour of love, full of light and shadow, spark and movement. It exudes a contemporary elegance along with an enticing tactility.  Add a touch of luxury to your everyday.


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Petal Collection

Smooth sheet silver is transformed into textured, tactile pieces that speak simultaneously of delicacy and strength. Multiple organic shapes are arranged together to create a collection that ranges from larger layered necklaces to the daintiest of studs, with sparkling stones adding discreet flashes of light and colour.



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Flight Collection

Elegant, elongated forms are used to create striking, sophisticated pieces, often combining metals to add extra impact.  Using the ancient Korean technique of Keum-boo, 24 carat gold foil is fused to textured silver to create luxurious highlights and accentuate delicate details. 

Gold and Diamonds

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Pieces from both collections are translated into different tones and carats of gold. Rosy reds, glowing yellows, and muted whites. Diamond beads are included to add sparks of light, and rose-cut diamonds in shades of grey and black are nestled within rings. 

I welcome commissions and would love to hear from you and discuss your ideas.  Just drop me a line or make an appointment to visit me in my studio.    


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